Windows have been around since early man first sought shelter from the elements. Though we no longer look through holes in the cave wall to see the great outdoors, windows are still an integral part of most every structure. The window serves many purposes, some functional, some decorative. As with other structural components of your home however, windows need maintenance and eventually replacement.

Perhaps your home simply needs a facelift. Replacement windows can be a great way to give an older home a modern, fresh look. Whether you want to change the exterior look of the house and boost its curb appeal or you are hoping to change the interior with natural light and better views of your setting, there has never been a better time to replace your windows.

What Do Windows Do?

Windows are a means of allowing natural light into a home. They also allow us to view our surroundings from the safety and protection of our home. We can check the weather, see who is at the door and keep an eye on the kids in the backyard. Some windows open, allowing the fresh air to enter as well as the outdoor sounds.

Properly installed windows also keep the noise and elements out of our homes when we don’t want them. When it is cold, raining or snowing, the seal around the windows helps keep moisture and drafts from getting inside. Moisture can cause mold and eventually damage to the casings and framing inside the walls. Cold drafts slipping in through gaps around the windows or through leaky seals can make your home uncomfortable and drive energy costs up. Keeping your windows in good working order is essential to prevent the loss of interior climate control.

Window Types

There are several dozen types of window but only a dozen or so commonly used in the construction of residences. Some of the more common window types include bay, casement, single and double hung sash, horizontal sliding sash, picture and stained glass. Some are glazed, tinted and come with layers of gas between the panes of glass to help protect from UV rays and to provide additional insulation for your home.

Do I Need to Hire a Window Contractor?

A window contractor can handle any job from pulling out the old window and installing the new to installing a window where there was none before. In the case of the former, the old window is pulled out and the old framing is inspected and repaired if necessary with an eye to keeping the opening in square for the new window. The new window must be installed in such a way as to not only fit properly but look exceptional inside and out.

If a new window is being installed, the contractor must cut an opening into the structure and add additional framing to support the weight of the window. Then the new window is installed. Neither of these projects should be attempted by anyone without the proper skills and training.

The Right Window Contractor for Your Project Is New Town Exteriors

If you are building your dream home or updating the home of your dreams, you want a window contractor who puts customer service first. New Town Exteriors has been installing windows, both new and replacement, for many years. The cumulative expertise of their installers gives them the expertise to assess you project, answer your questions, provide you with a quote and complete the job to your satisfaction and on schedule. They value your approval and work to make sure they get it on each and every installation.